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Search Engine Optimization

"WebDugout offers Long Island's most effective Search Engine Optimization service, hands down.— Sun-Cor Air Cargo

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Most likely, you have used one of the major search engines such as Google or Yahoo to find a product, service or subject. Entering keywords in the search field results in many pages of links that bring you to relevant sites. The entries that appear in the first few pages of the search results are more likely to get your attention—and as a result, they'll likely get your business. Appearing within the first couple of pages is invaluable.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art of bringing your site to the attention of search engines with the goal of progressively boosting your position in search results. We say "art" because there is no one trick for your site to be recognized. Rather, there are many evolving techniques used by skilled SEO consultants. These methods make your displayed web content, as well as the back-end coding, more "readable" to search engines. 

How To Get SEO Results

This is done through effective web content writing. Managing your keywords with your content is vital when it comes to how Google views your website. Having your pages correspond to the correct keywords is a start, but you then need the content on that page to correlate with those terms. By organizing your keywords and writing efficient content, your web pages will begin to rank higher in Google searches.

However, as previously mentioned, there is no one way to attack this sort of issue. SEO is constantly changing, which is why it is imperative for you to evolve with it. Regularly updating your page will get positive results from Google, whereas sites left more dormant will slide. Here at WebDugout, our staff of search engine optimization writers will ensure your pages are updated with quality content in order to get a more positive ranking from Google.

Make Friends with Robots

That may be a weird notion to state, but it is true nonetheless. The internet search engine process is not run by people. It is run "robotically" by things called spiders, web crawlers, worms and web ants. These software robots are dispatched throughout the internet by search engines. They make their way through vast numbers of sites, interpret and index them. If your site is not indexed, it will not show up in search engine results. 

A site with efficient SEO techniques attracts robots while providing instructions, descriptions and content and thus could improve your rankings and search results through google. A site with weak or improper Search Engine Optimization will either be ignored or penalized and your site is at risk for dropping and getting lost amidst many other sites competing to been seen..

What Your Site Is Saying to the Robots?

If you needed to hire a new manager for your office, you would let people know about the opening by advertising. An ad would include the job title, description and how to contact you. Your website's "meta" data (coded information that is not part of the design) and other content provide similar information. This includes titles, descriptions and instructions on how and what to read on a page.

For a great example of Search Engine Optimization work achieved by WebDugout, read our article about Always Affordable Chimney.

How Web Design, SEO and Analytics Combine

Search Engine Optimization New York

WebDugout's Web Design team can create an optimal site that makes it easy for search engine "crawlers" to interpret your data. Then, our professional search engine optimization (SEO) consultants will employ a series of techniques to ensure search engines can understand and index your data, with the goal of progressively boosting your position in search results. Our internet marketing team can help you analyze your improving traffic data with Analytics.

So think of SEO as advertising your site to search engines. If robots do not know about your site, find relevance in coded data and content, or cannot interpret your message, you will not get search engine "air time."

What's All That Traffic?

Once you have optimized your site for search engines, you'll want to analyze the new traffic coming to your site using Analytics. Site Analytics is different and a lot more efficient than a site counter. A site counter only tells you how many hits you receive on your site. But what if you want to know how many of those hits were from local customers? Or if they visited your newest page? Or how long they stayed on your site? Analytics can provide you with this important information. 


Call WebDugout's Long Island headquarters in Deer Park, New York to speak with a consultant about adding SEO services to your website. Start driving more potential customers to your site today! 

Why Do I Need Search Engine Optimization?

Searched for a product on Google lately? If so, you know the "lucky" suppliers near the top of the results are more likely to get your attention—and your business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art of boosting a company's position in search results. Search engines work by dispatching computer programs called "spiders" throughout the internet. Spiders visit web sites like yours to read and store information that can be recalled later during a search.

Over time, a site optimized for search engines becomes easier for spiders to index, helping to raise the site's rank in search results. A site not adequately optimized may rank far back. Search engine optimization done poorly using deceptive shortcuts could cause a site to be blacklisted.

Skilled SEO consultants use keywords, tags, hyperlinks and other techniques to ensure spiders find your site relevant, thus boosting your chance to be one of the "lucky" ones that gets more business from the web.

Your Search Engine Optimization Experts

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