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Rosin Press NY Case Study

Posted On: May 18, 2016

Rosin Press New York came to WebDugout because they wanted a site that would effectively sell their product. Our clients at Rosin Press New York are also the owners of ARBE Machine Manufacturing, Inc. They trusted WebDugout with their company's first website and knew that coming back to us would only continue the success that they have had.

As you can see, Rosin Press NY has a mobile friendly, responsive site with a working slideshow. With its complex design, customers that visit Rosin Press NY know that the business is for real and they care about their products. A functional, up-to-date website can make all the difference for your business!


Sarnow Food Group Before and After

Posted On: May 16, 2016

Sarnow Food Group, a lead provider of snacks and goods to vendors such as; Theatres, Vending Machines, Coffee Service, Micro Markets, Concession, Educational Systems, etc., were tired of the look of their old site and decided to upgrade their website with WebDugout's SEO+ Package. As you can see from the before and after photos, Sarnow's website has gone under some serious maintenance and now features a working slideshow on the homepage as well as an asthetically pleasing look that it previously did not have.

Their site has become mobile-friendly which is paramount to every company's success in today's growing technology market and the welcoming nature as well as accessbility throughout the site is a favorite of both new and old customers. We cannot express enough the importance of having a professional looking website and one that shows you care about what you do. Sarnow, a company that has been around for over 30 years, knew that to maintain continued success in today's technology-centric world, they needed to greatly improve their site. They came to WebDugout and got the makeover they needed!


WebDugout SEO+ Package

Posted On: April 27, 2016

See what your website has been missing and sign on today with WebDugout! Our SEO+ package trumps our competition and you will never look back once handing your website over to WebDugout.com.

You may be unfamiliar with SEO and how vital it truly is to the success of your website and in turn, your business. Strong SEO or Search Engine Optimization will exponentially increase where your website shows up on Google and WebDugout’s expert SEO staff can increase your traffic in no time.

Not only is SEO important, but the overall design of your website is just as pivotal to a successful business. Every few years your website should be cleaned up, altered and even given a new design to maintain a fresh visual presence that is welcoming to the viewers of your site.

WebDugout’s current two-year SEO+ Package is a deal you cannot pass up. You will get outstanding SEO management and after two years, a design upgrade to your site. Your site’s rankings will increase drastically with the help of WebDugout and for being a loyal client, you will be given a site upgrade 24 months after signing on.

Keep your website and business running at a profitable level and call WebDugout today to discuss which package works best for you Choosing WebDugout will save you hundreds on web service and your business’ profits will soar!



Calabria Pizza Before & After Study

Posted On: April 26, 2016

Calabria Pizza has been a client with us for many years and it was time for an update to their website. They stressed the importance of wanting to be mobile-friendly and we were happy to oblige and meet their requests. The website's resolution is leaps and bounds ahead of their old site and a cleaner and more efficient navigation system has only increased the site's traffic and overall appeal to visitors of the site.

We also enhanced the width of their webpage, allowing for our designers to fit more content on each page without it looking too jumbled. As you can see from the before and after photos, Calabria's new site is much more professional and ensures that they are serious about the growth of their business.


Ralph Pugliese Photography Before & After Case Study

Posted On: March 08, 2016

WebDugout is delighted to welcome Ralph Pugliese Photography as one of its latest clients. Unhappy with the support and high monthly hosting fees from his previous web company Web.com, the photographer quickly discovered the advantages of working with WebDugout.

The new and improved site is cleaner and more modern with advanced features. It provides high resolution examples of the photographer’s ability to capture Long Island’s serene landscape. Calendars, magnets and holiday cards are available to purchase through the site.

Pugliese Photography is another business formerly with Web.com which has found WebDugout’s transfer program to be a win-win situation. Even with a small upfront fee, you will be saving money immediately as well as in the long run. Our specific payment plan for former Web.com clients is spread out over time with no hidden fees.

Regarding the program, WebDugout consultant Steve Palopoli says “Given the customer support, improved site design and substantial dollars saved, it is the perfect alternative for anyone dissatisfied with Web.com.”


Regency Casino Case Study

Posted On: February 01, 2016

Regency Casino of Nevada was able to save on monthly fees by converting their website from Web.com to WebDugout. Aside from the monthly reduction, our designers also created an improved layout. The new site is more visually appealing and properly organized. Plus, the business can make updates on their own using our user-friendly content management system.


B'SPO-KEN Before & After Case Study

Posted On: December 18, 2015

The New York City-based B'SPO-KEN is an accomplished custom clothier of men's suits and shirts. The company had a website, though required an enhanced representation of their fine, hand-made clothing that is sewn by old world bespoke tailors.

The upgraded site designed by WebDugout features a generous number of slideshow images on the home page, clear navigation and a large custom suit fabrics gallery. This visually appealing site also includes individual pages for several designer names. These additional pages not only create a robust, organized site, but they also help to improve optimization in search engine results. Contact WebDugout today to find out how we can improve your company's online presence.


Roll-n-Roaster Case Study

Posted On: August 31, 2015

WebDugout is excited to unveil the upgraded website for Roll-n-Roaster, a popular restaurant in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. Not far from Coney Island, this reputable establishment has been serving its acclaimed roast beef sandwich since the dawn of the 1970s.

Much of the décor, signage and architecture of Roll-n-Roaster has remained intact since its inception. The site designed by WebDugout was able to match the spirit of the iconic eatery.

Rollnroaster.com, which was using the decreasingly favorable Adobe Flash Player, was updated to our V5 platform that includes a mobile-friendly design. The site now employs modern usability, while maintaining the classic look of the restaurant’s orange, brown and yellow color presentation. Just as importantly, potential customers looking for food in the area can now easily access the site on mobile devices.

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