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Posted On: October 24, 2016
Posted On: October 24, 2016
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Increase Website Ranking and Generate More Traffic

Posted On: September 09, 2014


Quality Content – Google has a very watchful eye regarding duplicate content. Don’t copy whole content from other websites, it’s going to affect your SEO rankings.

Engage Your Reader - Create descriptive and interesting articles. Capturing your audience’s attention will entice them to stay on your page, share your content and return back to your site.

Title Tags – Search engines give significant weight to title tags. Make sure your title is relevant to the page content. Try to use 65 characters or less and one or more of your keywords, but not too many.

Keyword Density Ratio – Avoid Google Algorithm penalties by maintaining your keyword density safely. Not enough keywords are unclear to the search engines regarding what the page is about and too many keywords looks like you are trying to spam.

First Paragraph – Positioning your keywords is important. Place your keywords in the first and last paragraph; it’s more likely to catch the eye of search engines.

Image optimization – Compress website images to ensure your site loading quickly. Use keywords when naming image files. Also use “alt” tags to describe the image and place keywords in the description.

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Maybe Your Website Is A Classic?

Posted On: April 22, 2014


Antique cars gain value as they age but unfortunately not websites. Updating your website constantly, improves search ranking results and it should be done so people can find you easily on the web.  Search engines perform updates regularly and they make it a priority to list pages that are new and relevant.


Your Content Is Stale

Old content is probably the biggest problem with older websites. Many times content hasn’t been changed since the website was first created. An indicative sign of stale content is when the latest news release was published during a past major holiday. Not only does that look unattended and careless to users, but Google sees it and penalizes that behavior.

You don’t have to rebuild your entire website’s content, but you should update all of your primary pages. Modify some of the content and include some of the keywords you have recently identified. Your news section should definitely be updated with current events and news on a regular basis.

The best way to keep a flow of fresh content is to set up a blog. You may not be able to post a new blog every day, but once a week would be valuable. Search engines love to see new blog posts published on a regular basis; users also like to see it because it exhibits that your company is active and current.

Your Design Is Unattractive

It’s important to continuously update and maintain your website’s design and content. Overall website designs have moved to a more uncluttered look over the past few years. Users want a less invasive site bombarding them with suggestions on what to visit.

Broken Links

Links naturally break on a website therefore check them. One of the ways search engines rank websites are by crawling their links. If there are dead links on your website, it can stop search engine spiders from crawling your site and thus, indexing it.


You may not have the budget to totally renovate your website and that’s okay. At least you should reexamine your menu navigation to make sure it makes sense.  After that, start to look at the entire design look and feel and improve what you are able to.  Focus on fewer but larger high-quality images and graphics. You may want to update the fonts used on your site to Keep with current trends.  

You Forgot About SEO

You maybe frighten if you haven’t looked at the SEO for your site in a while. If you didn’t structure the original SEO then you absolutely must look at it. Unfortunately the original SEO strategies used when your site was launched may be considered hurtful according to Google. Log in to the Google Webmasters portion of your site and check for any nasty notifications from Google. Things might look scary now but they can be fixed eventually.

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