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Posted On: October 24, 2016
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The Ease Of Webdugout's User-Friendly Content Management Systems

Posted On: May 27, 2014

The Ease of Webdugout’s User-Friendly Content Management Systems

Remember the old days when having a company website was an intricate process? Every piece of content that needed uploading had go to go through your vendor who was already charging an arm and a leg to create the site anyway.

At Webdugout, we make maintenance as seamless as possible for our clients. Not only do we design the websites from scratch, we offer free, personalized training on how to edit/update the sites.

That’s the appeal of user-friendly content management systems (CMS). You don’t have to be a web expert to regularly update content. Webdugout’s “V5” CMS is a DIY editing tool that is included with the custom websites we create.

So what’s the appeal of these simple systems? Users are able to control their own content. If they want to make a change to keep their site “fresh”, they can do that quickly and easily including:

  • Changing words
  • Adding/deleting photos
  • Updating fonts
  • Revising the design or creating a new one from scratch (if desired)

Becoming your own webmaster is not only convenient, it’s cost-effective, which is an important factor for small businesses with tight budgets. Judging by the positive feedback from our own clients, DIY CMS is definitely a trend that we’ll all continue to see.

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