WebDugout's Content Management System (CMS) V5

Write or Update a Web Page As Easily As Any Word Processing Page

If You Can Update a Letter, You Can Update Your Web Site. Just Ask WebDugout Customers:

"I can't believe I fixed the outdated prices on my online store without calling in my whole IT Dept."

"I post a new product photo every week. Remarkably easy!"

"We send the Daily Special to our regulars every morning using Newsletter function in the Content Management System. Pictures and all!"

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Web Content Management for All Levels

WebDugout's simple, innovative web content management system allows any users with internet access and a security password to update their web sites easily—no web programming expertise required! Change words, add or delete photos, change fonts as easily as using a word processing program. The content management system is built into WebDugout's "V5" Content Management Websites (CMWs). V5 customers can design their whole site from scratch or just update it easily.

Internet Marketing Tools

Now, with our V5 Content Management Websites, we've raised the bar even further to give you much more than easy website maintenance: Our Content Management Websites come with a suite of management tools to help expand and promote your business through the internet. Whether you are a newbie or a tech connoisseur, WebDugout's V5 system is the best choice to take your business online.

Priced for Large and Small Business Websites

WebDugout's V5 sites with built-in web content management and internet marketing tools are priced just right for any size business. Learn more about the features below. Wherever your business is located, be sure to call our New York headquarters in Deer Park, Long Island to get started with the easiest web design and maintenance package around!

Web Content/Definition:

The information displayed throughout a website: Verbiage Text, Hyperlinks, Page Names, Images, Videos, Documents. All make up a website's content.


Organization and coordination of the activities of an enterprise in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of clearly defined objectives.

Our V5 Content Management System Offers the Following Features:

  • Sophisticated Page Editing
  • Site Navigation Controls
  • Unlimited Storage Library
  • Photo Galleries
  • Password-Protected Pages
  • E-Commerce Website Capability
  • Multi-Display Data Section
  • Email Marketing System
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools
  • Site Traffic Monitoring System

Sophisticated Page Editing System

Users can enter content and then manipulate it with powerful text formatting tools, including color and font options. Plus, add images, tables, and full paragraph styles. We've also included a custom-designed Hyperlink Tool that allows users to easily create text or image links to other pages on their website as well as to documents, PDFs, images, videos, and other websites.

Site Navigation Controls

Determine your own website's page navigation. Display the pages you want and "turn off" pages not ready for the public. (Users still have complete editing ability while pages are "turned off.")

We've also included tools to edit the names displayed to visitors at the top of web pages and tools to modify the order in which pages are displayed. There's even a Dropdown Menu Display feature, allowing you to better organize your content. (Select a dropdown menu when you have many subpages to display under one heading.)

Unlimited Storage Library

That's right! We don't have any limit on the materials and files stored within your V5 website's built-in content library.

Photo Galleries

Users can upload images to the storage library and display them using WebDugout's custom Photo Gallery system. Choose the number of images you wish to be displayed per page, as well as the page format. For example, if you would like 20 images per page in rows of 5, it's as simple as a click of a button. All images are displayed as compressed thumbnails (size is customizable) with the option for viewers to click on images to view them at full size.

Password-Protected Pages

This security feature gives you the option to require a user name and password to view/change all pages on your site or any individual page that you wish to keep private.

E-Commerce Website Capability

Add a complete product display and shopping cart section to your website to boost sales. WebDugout's e-commerce websites give you the ability to add and edit products, images, prices, shipping info, product descriptions, and payment options. There is no limit on the number of products that can be sold on your web site. Create product categories and subcategories to keep your inventory organized and easy to browse. All products have an "add to cart" feature.

Our e-commerce websites also have a "log-in" feature, allowing repeat shoppers to sign in for faster transactions. If you do not wish sell items through the website but would like to display your inventory, we can implement a "product inquiry" system that allows potential customers to submit a form indicating interest in a product.

Multi-Display Data Section

This feature of WebDugout's e-commerce websites is very similar to the features described earlier, except that this additional tool displays a high volume of information in a very organized, easily viewed, easily browsed fashion for clients with a large product portfolio.

Email Marketing System

Attract new customers or communicate with existing ones using WebDugout's Email Marketing System, designed to send out mass emails in the form of a newsletter. Emails can be sent in the form of plain text, or enhanced with our Page Editing System. Email newsletters can also be sent and outfitted with the graphics from your website and the same navigation tools—it's almost like emailing your whole site!

Our Email Marketing System is easy to use and gives a competitive edge to large and small business websites. Send out specials, coupons, promotions, upcoming events, company news, etc. Email lists can be uploaded and send all through the custom controls of your WebDugout web site. All activity can be monitored through this system as well. Keep track of emails sent, opened, and newsletter subscriptions. Send to one client or a whole list. Divide them by group or geographic location.

Search Engine Optimization Tools

Make sure search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. have all the information they need to recognize your site when someone searches for your products or services. Do-It-Yourself types or SEO pros can use our built-in SEO tools to help. Change your meta tags, meta keywords, page titles and descriptions all in one handy SEO administrative tool. Our own SEO specialists can track your keyword rankings with professional tools like WebCEO. Read more about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Site Traffic Monitoring

The WebDugout V5 Content Management System also includes a connection with Google Analytics monitoring system. Google's system is free, but it requires setup to view all activity throughout your website. WebDugout will provide setup for you.

For Information on Google Analytics, please click here.

Our Long Island Web Development team is always happy to walk you through a live demonstration of our Content Management System. Our web design aspect is a reliable and useful tool to help get your small business on the map. Call our headquarters in Deer Park, New York at 631-761-7600.