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WebDugout may be located in New York, but we provide search engine optimization services that are both affordable and highly-effective. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the art of bringing your website to the attention of search engines. The ultimate goal is to progressively boost your position in in search results. Entering keywords into the search field results in many pages of links that will bring you to relevant websites. What we do is bring you to the first few pages (ideally on page one of course!). Those first few pages are the ones that yield clicks at a much much higher rate than web pages that are a few pages deep into the search results. We say this is an "art" because there is no one trick for your site to be recognized with search engines. It is a constantly evolving aspect that the skilled search engine optimization consultants stay on top of!

Well-written SEO content is a crucial part of any website. The content on the website serves is a beacon for Google to find your services. Search engine optimization plays two important roles:

  1. It explains and promotes your business to incoming visitors to your site
  2. It grabs the attention of search engines, such as Google, while they scan websites for specific content.

The SEO content needs to be specific and should effectively tie into the proper keywords. Keyword management is vital in the eyes of Google, because it helps to organize your web pages. Google rewards websites based on effective search engine optimization tactics and writing. But beware, Google giveth and Google also taketh way. They will penalize websites that abuse their metrics. When you turn to WebDugout, you will have the tools of an SEO consultant who understands the lay of the land.

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WebDugout of New York provides websites nationwide with search engine optimization services that are affordable and reliable. Running a small business can be tough and attracting eyeballs online can be even tougher. With WebDugout, we give you the tools to succeed! For more information about search engine optimization and the benefits it can provide your website, please contact us today. Call 631-761-7600 today to receive a free consultation about the benefits of search engine optimization. We look forward to helping you get your website found on Google! Our results speak for themselves.