Email Marketing with your WebDugout Website

Attract New Customers or Communicate with Existing Ones

WebDugout's Email Marketing System is designed to send out mass emails in the form of a newsletter. Emails can be sent in plain text or enhanced with our Page Editing System. Email newsletters can also be outfitted with graphics from your website as well as the same navigation tools—it’s almost like emailing your whole site!

Our Email Marketing System is easy to use and gives a competitive edge to large and small business websites. Send out specials, coupons, promotions, upcoming events, company news, etc. Email lists can be uploaded and sent  using the simple custom controls of your WebDugout web site. All activity can be monitored through this system as well. Keep track of emails sent, opened, and newsletter subscriptions. Send to one client or to a whole list. Divide them by group or geographic location.

No Templates

That's right! No time is required to sort through email templates that are being used by hundreds of other businesses. Your WebDugout email campaign will use your very own website design to give a professional look and a completely customized look to your email communications.


Our simple point-click-and-type email marketing assistant will have you making professional-looking, effective email marketing campaigns in minutes. We believe it is the easiest email marketing program on the planet, and we back it up by providing free and immediate phone support.

Call the Long Island headquarters of WebDugout today for information on email marketing, internet marketing, sponsored listings, and search engine optimization well as web design, web hosting, web development, and web content management:

631-761-7600 or 877-543-2420

For ultra-high-volume email marketing, see our Bulk Email Marketing services.

Already have an email marketing list? View our monthly plans by selecting your number of outbound emails below.


Your WebDugout email marketing campaign is not just more professional looking and easier to use than other programs, it's also at least 50% less expensive than our competitor's best pricing!

Built-In Tracking

Keep track of the number of messages sent, received, and opened in your email marketing campaign. Our system also allow recipients to request to be contacted,which will appear on the tracking form with the option to export to a Excel spreadsheet.

"WebDugout is New York's Email Marketing Specialists"—J. Carter